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Eden Dental Specialists | Bone Grafting in Voorhees

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Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a process that allows Dr. Edenbaum to actually grow new bone. The graft material is either taken directly from the area being augmented or a synthetic bone material is used. When the granular bone material is grafted in place, amazingly the body will break the material down and use it to create host bone. Bone grafting is used to grow bone around dental implants. In these cases, some of the bone is harvested from the implant site and then redistributed where it is needed. Bone grafting is used to grow bone in the maxillary sinus either at the same time as implant placement or separately in preparation for future implant placement.

Bone grafting can be done in periodontal defects (defects in bone around teeth caused by periodontal disease) as well.

The technology to graft bone is a constantly evolving science and Dr. Edenbaum continually researches and employs the most effective techniques to provide the most effective outcomes.

Voorhees Dentist | Bone Grafting. David Edenbaum is a Voorhees Dentist.