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Eden Dental Specialists | Bone Grafting in Voorhees

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Bone Grafting

There are many types of bone grafting procedures in medicine and dentistry. Bone grafting is arguably the most fascinating aspect of our work. In our office, Dr. Edenbaum will harvest bone from a patient’s mouth either in the area being treated or another site in the mouth. This bone material is then adapted into a boney defect and covered with a membrane. If inadequate amounts of bone are harvested, a synthetic bone material is added to the mix. The patient’s bone (autogenous bone) contains hormones that stimulate bone to grow. The body breaks down the graft and creates new living bone! 

Guided tissue regeneration is used in defects around teeth that have formed because of periodontal disease.The defect is cleaned out, using a laser. The defect is then filled with either the patient’s own bone or a synthetic material and then covered with a membrane. The gum tissue is then closed over the area and new bone will form. 





Guided Bone Regeneration is used to regrow bone in areas where only bone has been lost, such as extraction sites or around implants. Various materials can be used to support a graft such as titanium mesh or titanium reinforced Gore-Tex™ membranes. 




Guided Bone Regeneration is also used in sinus augmentations. After upper back teeth have been absent for a time, the bone in the floor of the maxillary sinus begins to resorb (the body breaks down bone that is not used in supporting teeth) until the floor of the maxillary sinus has almost formed an opening into the mouth. During a sinus augmentation, a window is created in the bone in the wall of the sinus and the delicate membrane that lines the sinus is gently raised. Bone material is then adapted into the sinus and the area is closed. Over time, the body will break down the graft and it will become living bone, suitable for implant placement.

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